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With great pleasure I am happy to unveil Little Rock School official website. I encourage you to explore our website and discover the excellent Academic services we offer.

Since inception, Little Rock School has worked hard to establish itself as a well-known, first-rate educational choice for students and parents in Abuja.

You will be pleased to find that Little Rock School is a schools founded under the auction of God to raise leaders through sound Academic. Our astute educational services encompass pupils in Crèche, Nursery, and Basic Primary education. So, from cradle, the future of your ward(s) is secured in Little Rock School.

Our mission is to develop responsible global citizens, and to cultivate leadership through academic excellence and divine doctrine of the Holy Scripture.

Little Rock School family of teachers, board members, non-academic staff and friends of the school work together in a collegial manner to achieve this goal, and everything we do is student-oriented.


Although sound academic achievement is our priority, we also place emphasis on a comprehensive Co-curricular Activities Program where there is something to offer every student, whether it is academically related, sports or other activities of interest.

You are cordially invited to visit our school at any time, and I would be delighted to meet you, answer your questions (if any) and personally show you around.

Thank you!